Strathisla Farms
Dellfield Brigadier


  • Sire: Curaheen Bandit
  • Dam: Islavale Teresa

Reserve senior championship Stirling February 2014, and purchased for 14,000gns. He was purchased for his outcross bloodlines and strength in the dam line. He also carries a milk figure of +6 and a TSI of +83 and Sri of +93.



Dellfield Brigadier


  • Sire: Stralongford Trojan
  • Dam: Dellfield Selina

Purchased at 10,000gns having stood second in his class, Brigadier is a correct bull with great natural fleshing and carcass attributes. He has a TSI and SRI of +82.



Dressogue Victorious


  • Sire:  Kilbride Farm Newry
  • Dam: Samark Glitter

Reserve senior champion at Perth in February 2009, Victorious was purchased for 14,000gns to compliment Omorga Samson offspring. He has a milk figure of +10 and a self replacing index of +30 and we’re incredibly pleased with his fleshing characteristics, size and carcass balance.

Semen for sale 30 plus carriage



Omorga Samson


  • Sire:  Raceview King
  • Dam: Cleenagh Daffodil

Junior and overall champion at Perth in February 2007. He was purchased for the joint breed record of 22,000gns.

Sire - Raceview King is one of the top sires in Ireland producing numerous Champions and top price bulls at sales.

Dam - Cleenagh Daffodil is arguably the best breeding cow in Britain and Northern Ireland having bred several top price bulls at sales which are producing sale toppers too - including Omorga Prince.

Semen for sale UK Only. 30 per straw + Carriage No Royalty.



Seepa Teejay


  • Sire:  Star Hugo
  • Dam: Hillcrest Joan

Teejay semen has been used across select females in the herd with some great results. He is proving to be a producer of dark coloured, well fleshed bulls and females with good tops and ends.



Celtic Starbuck


  • Sire:  Max
  • Dam: Celtic Lady

Like Teejay, Starbuck has been used to bring in some different bloodlines to the herd. He is an easy calving sire and we are currently pleased with his results.



Blelack Colonel


  • Sire: Mortimers Echo
  • Dam: Lochend Uptowngirl

Purchased to go on Blelack Colonel daughters. Reserve senior champion Stirling February 2014. This May 2012-born bull is a son of Mortimers Echo and is out of the Garner Editor daughter Lochend Uptowngirl, a dam line which has been responsible for breeding Lochend Rasper and Lochend Apache. He also carries a TSI of +55 and is positive for calving.



Blelack Colonel


  • Sire: Balmyle Bollinger
  • Dam: Elgin Darling

Purchased privately for 15,000 from the Milne Family. Flagship’s muscular shape and great carcass attributes will work well on the large, deep framed cattle Colonel has produced in the herd.




Blelack Colonel


  • Sire:  Thrunton Socrates
  • Dam: Blelack Summer

Blelack Colonel was purchased in Perth in February 2009 for 12,000gns. With a calving value of +12, milk figure of +12 and tremendous length and feet, he was bought as a female breeder for the herd.

Colonel has already proved himself as an easy calving sire and we are incredibly impressed with his first crop of calves> which will be for sale October 2011

Semen for sale 30 plus carriage



MaerdyO thello



Othello was purchased at Perth in 2000 for 10,000gns in partnership with the Balmyle and Balthayock herds. Most of the females in the herd go back to him and he has proved himself to be one of the best female breeders we have ever used.      



Woodview Dan


Purchased for 5000gns at Stirling Harmony has tremendous figures for growth and milk and great carcass traits. His mother has the top terminal index in the Shorthorn breed and Harmony will be used on the commercial herd to breed replacement heifers.


Woodview Dan


  • Sire:  Ballygrange Alex
  • Dam: Woodview Trixie

Bred by Andrew Craig and bought for 4000gns, Dan is by Ballygrange Alex, a popular show winning bull owned by Danny Wyllie and out of the Dafydd D’Ochain sired daughter Woodview Trixie.

Dan will be used on commercial cows to produce quality bull beef for our Asda deadweight contract


Strathisla Singapore


  • Sire:  Blackford Lionheart
  • Dam: Strathisla Mira 26th

Singapore is a homebred bull, long, clean, bull who has produced quality female replacements in the commercial herd